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It all depends on how many negative inaccurate, obsolete, misleading or duplicate items are on your credit reports. It also depends on the credit bureaus properly doing their job by heeding the federal law, Fair Credit Reporting Act. You will usually see results from all 3 credit bureaus in as little as 35-45 days. The credit bureaus can respond faster if they gather all of the information back from your

No, there is more to the credit repair/restoration/rebuilding process than just sending letters or proper documents to the Credit Bureaus.
Yes, you could have prepared the necessary documents yourself, but if you do not do them properly, request your investigation properly or send the correct requested items, then you risk the chance of being ignored, receive a rejection letter in the mail or have something deleted when you really wanted it corrected, etc. Also, when the results come back to you, it is very difficult to read them or
understand what the credit bureaus did. For example, the credit bureaus can delete or correct an item but did not list it in the results section. Our job is to decipher these results and to correct their mistakes, know what to do if they ignore you, and how to continue. With our years of experience and expertise, we can help the consumer repair/restoration/rebuilding process to continue smoothly.
>Also, most consumers just don’t know their credit rights and what they can do to improve their credit and raise their scores. It is very similar to doing your own taxes. If you don’t know-how, then you hire a professional CPA. You can also represent yourself in a court of law, but if you want a professional, then you hire an attorney. Experience and knowledge counts for a lot in this line of work. You want to get the best results possible and not spend a lot of money doing it!

Everyone’s credit situation varies and due to this results may vary. Our average customer is enrolled in our services for four to six months some may be longer. The duration of the program varies due to different factors on each individual report such as a number of items and response time from credit agencies. The duration of services will also depend on your personal goals. A review of your report during the consultation will help with a better assessment of your time frame and goals.

We cannot guarantee that a certain item will be deleted or corrected in a certain period of time. That would be against the law. We do know that with determination and persistence, this process does work. You will Have a detailed plan based on your situation to get the best

Any information on a credit report can be removed, but it has to be removed due to a violation of some type (which you will find described in the Fair Credit Reporting Act) (FCRA). There are many laws written to protect you (the consumer), so anything that violates these laws will cause the removal of any accounts including judgments, liens, collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies, and late payments that are incorrect, misleading, obsolete, or inaccurate.


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